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Fly high, defy limits, and discover the new you: Joss’s story


Catching a new wave

In her first book, Joss™ is stoked to enter a surfing video contest, but she needs the help of her brother to film it. He will—but only if Joss tries out for the cheer team. She’s 100% surfer girl, but for the chance to win the contest, can Joss afford to turn down her brother’s dare?



Flying fearlessly

As her second book begins, Joss is looking for new ways to soar. She’s ready to be a flyer on the cheer team, but when her act at the talent show goes wrong, Joss loses confidence. Can she renew trust in her cheer teammates to master a tricky stunt for the big competition?


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Guidance for girls today

Free thinking. Joss discovers that experiencing new things can help a person grow, especially when she tries out for the cheer team and sees she can do and be more than one thing.

Dedication. As a surfer, Joss is always “all in,” and she takes that same drive to cheer with her determination to make the team.

Respect and teamwork. Even though it takes time, Joss learns the importance of balancing her own ambition with the feelings and safety of others.

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Getting Joss’s story right through research

Just as with previous Girl of the Year™ characters, we chose to bring Joss’s world to life because her themes connect with girls growing up today.

To ensure we accurately depict Joss’s storylines and the challenges she faces—from competing on the waves and in the gym to the partial deafness Joss was born with—we consulted with experts in these areas.

Introducing our advisors

Crystal DaSilva, the women’s short board champion at the 2009 biannual World Deaf Surfing Championships, plus a swimsuit and athletic wear designer

Bianca Valenti, a big-wave surfer who takes on the most advanced waves in the world, including Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, California and Peahi in Hawaii, as well as the co-founder of the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing, which led the fight for equal pay for women in surfing

Sara Jo Moen and Julie Petersen, owners of Fury Athletics in Madison, Wisconsin, a cheerleading-only gym that grows competitive teams—many that have won prestigious events

Sharon Pajka, professor of English at Gallaudet University, a private university for the deaf, and a specialist in representations of deaf characters in adolescent literature

Jennifer Richardson, Au.D, an educational audiologist and founder of Hearing Milestones

Partnering for greater accessibility

Like many Americans, Joss navigates the world with a hearing loss. To show our support for helping others like her, we’re donating $25,000 to the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)—and you can join us by contributing online or at American Girl stores.

Hearing Loss Association of America

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Meet the Joss author

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