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Let what’s true shine through

When being a good sport means as much as being good at sports... 
When you know style is about so much more than what you wear... 
When sharing your talents can range from culinary arts to the performing ones... 
Then it’s time for Truly Me™, a celebration of all girls and what makes each one of a kind!



Built for play, every day

At American Girl, nothing is designed simply to be put on a shelf and displayed. Every doll, outfit, and accessory is crafted to be played with for hours on end. And to ensure girls get the most imaginative experience, we use realistic materials whenever possible—from actual wood for furniture sets to soft-cloth doll bodies that stand up to the tightest hugs.



Truly Me Satisfied Customer


I believe American Girl is such a wonderful gift to a child. It teaches them how to be creative and have an imaginative playing experience…I am thankful for such a reputable company that provides beautiful and well-made products.


American Girl Customer





Set her imagination free in the great outdoors