What does it mean to be an American Girl?

The girls of today will build the world of tomorrow. For over 30 years, American Girl has been here to help you shape who she’ll become. Through the joy of play and the lessons of relatable characters set throughout American history to modern day, your daughter will test herself by discovering who she is. Learning from adversity, overcoming obstacles, celebrating successes, finding joy in uncertainty, and bringing truth into the light, she’ll explore what it takes to be determined, honest, and kind.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to focus on how our girls are growing up. At American Girl, we believe character is everything.

Whatever you dream for your daughter, we’ll help you teach her how to stay true to herself—forever.

All you want is everything for your daughter. You can’t always give it to her, but you can guide her to it. And we can help. An American Girl character is a companion for the journey, a friend in learning, and a partner in overcoming obstacles. Through immersive stories, your daughter can discover the characteristics you want her to embody—naturally and at her own pace.

Fascinating stories set throughout American history teach timeless character-building lessons. Your daughter will use her imagination and role-play to help her become the well-rounded person you want her to be.

Who we are

Whether she’s reading about the compassion and courage of early Americans or the confidence of aspiring astronauts, our characters will inspire your daughter to reach for the stars.

Together, they tackle everything: the ups and downs—and the sideways. Every day is a new chance to learn something wonderful about herself through play.

Who do you want your girl to be?

A creative spirit. A courageous voice. A joyful heart. A compassionate soul. And so much more. Meet the characters who will encourage your girl to become a strong, empowered young woman ready to change the world.

How will your girl share her story?

Our characters from past and present bring to life rich story worlds. With Truly Me, girls can create their own!

Through the make-believe of Truly Me, your girl can build belief in herself. She can imagine success for all the big moments in life and celebrate every little victory with her trusted friend. Plus, our advice and activity books give growing girls guidance for everything from strengthening friendships to cultivating their creativity.

Character always matters

We’re here to help your girl grow up in a world where who she is matters most.