Illustrated image of mom and daughter hugging
Illustrated image of mom and daughter hugging
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The care & keeping of a generation: 20 years of trusted advice

By American Girl Jul. 29, 2018

Launched in 1998, The Care & Keeping of You has inspired a vibrant collection of advice books and journals full of reliable information, expert advice, and engaging experiences. Designed to help celebrate and support girls as they become their best selves, The Care & Keeping of You has sold nearly six million copies since its debut.

Our passion for developing ongoing relationships with accredited experts, listening to the voices of our community, and striving to serve more girls in more ways stems from a desire to see every girl thrive—at every stage of her development.


But here’s what 20 years of Care & Keeping has made clear: as much as we aim to inspire girls, it is really girls who inspire us. Their letters—their hopes, worries, observations, and suggestions—continue to motivate us. Their trust in us is at the heart of what we do, just as it has been for more than 20 years. We at American Girl are honored that so many mothers and daughters have turned to The Care & Keeping of You to help nurture each girl’s mind, body, joy, and spirit.


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