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Weather hard times with grit and gratitude: Kit’s story


Dark days call for
bright ideas

In Read All About It!, the big news is how the Great Depression impacts Kit Kittredge’s life: Boarders take over her room, Dad loses his job, and the Kittredges might have to move out of their home. Can Kit’s creativity help her family stay together in tough times?


Determined to make a difference

As Turning Things Around begins, Kit’s still dealing with all the changes in her life, but the arrival of can-do Aunt Millie helps. Then Kit discovers others are faring much worse than her family. Even though many feel hopeless, can Kit bring hope to those in need?

Girl reading with Kit doll

Guidance for girls today

Despite the difficulties Kit faces during the Depression, she finds the strength to carry on with a humility that can inspire your girl to appreciate her own life and empathize with those who struggle to get by.

Ready to be resourceful. At first, Kit is frustrated by the idea of wearing a dress made of flour sacks or throwing a “Penny-Pincher Party.” But as she grows to understand the depths of the Depression, she comes up with her own thrifty ideas to help her family.

A helping hand. From adopting an abandoned dog to gathering donations at the soup kitchen, Kit always finds a way to lift up others when they need it most.

A growing sense of gratitude. As her world feels like it’s falling apart, Kit experiences shame at her situation. But through her work with the homeless, Kit becomes thankful that she has as much as she does.

Watch why character matters

Creating a hero: Kit comes to life

“Kit is exactly the kind of girl so many of us love to read about—and secretly long to be. Spirited, self-reliant, creative, and loving, Kit faces head-on the grim reality of the Great Depression. The author has filled these books with interesting data and insight into the period without losing sight of the need to entertain.”

—Justine Stahlmann, Red Balloon Bookshop, St. Paul, Minnesota



Authentic from the start

For three years, an American Girl team composed of historians, editors, designers, and the series author researched the time and location of Kit’s story. By reading periodicals and diaries of the day, by visiting the Cincinnati Museum in Kit’s hometown, and by interviewing people who grew up through the Great Depression, the team crafted a storyline and character that offer a realistic view of the era and its challenges.

The series author, Valerie Tripp, drew upon all these sources but added another that was much more personal: the experiences of her own parents. Says Tripp, “My parents were exactly Kit’s age. They never forgot the lessons of thrift, caution, neighborliness, self-reliance, and compassion they learned during the Depression. By their example, my parents inspired Kit’s stories.”

The exploration of these ideas—and the use of details only realized through extensive research—bring to life Kit’s world so that girls today can imagine, grow, and uplift others.

Awesome story

Kit has a great story. It taught me a lot about history, not giving up, and having a positive attitude. She has great playing quality, and I love the items in Kit's collection.

American Girl Customer


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