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Finding Balance in a Digital World, On and Off the Screen

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American kids spend an average of seven hours a day in front of a screen. But as the editors at Common Sense Media point out, “The idea of screen time as a one-dimensional activity is changing.” While it’s true that too much screen time can leave your girl feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and moody, digital technology has changed the way we work and play, and often for the better.

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Educational sites, apps, and videos can be incredible learning tools. Searching online sources for homework or a creative project can boost your girl’s research skills. Texting a thoughtful or encouraging message can make both the sender and the person who receives it feel great. Some video games can improve reaction time in real-world situations. And, as Jasmine Hood-Miller writes, digital media and technology offers another important way to “begin conversations about culture, respect, and embracing differences” with your child.

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What’s essential to remember is that gadgets themselves aren’t bad, but it is all too easy to overdo them, which can lead to bad habits. Considering what the experts have to say about taking a healthy approach to screen time, and teaching your girl how to avoid letting tech time get the better of her brain and body, will help her make smart choices and get the greatest benefit from her digital world.

Adapted from A Smart Girl’s Guide: Digital World by Carrie Anton. ©2017 American Girl.
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Special thanks to Common Sense Media for sharing their research and granting permission to link to their content.

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