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A friend for every girl to love

American Girl is proud to feature one of the most inclusive and diverse selections of dolls today. From the beginning, our goal has been to create dolls and stories that act as both mirrors and windows—giving girls an opportunity to see a direct reflection of themselves or a chance to learn about a life or culture that may be very different from their own.

Our wide range of dolls—offering a variety of skin tones, face molds, eye colors, hair styles and textures, plus hundreds of accessories and stories—helps girls highlight their individuality and style. We're delighted to provide such a vast amount of choices for girls at a level unmatched anywhere else.

Girls inspire us every day, and we look forward to creating new products, stories, and experiences that celebrate the unique qualities in all of them.



More ways to embrace what makes your girl one of a kind

American Girl's commitment to diversity and inclusion extends even further, starting with our selection of dolls without hair. These dolls—customized by hand by specially trained experts—are a perfect companion for girls who may be dealing with permanent or temporary hair loss.

In addition to dolls without hair, we offer several other specialized items, such as a new asthma and allergy set, service dog gear, crutches, wheelchair, and diabetes kit. Plus, the world of our 2020 Girl of the Year™ includes a hearing aid because Joss is partially deaf. Hearing aid placement is also available for our other 18" dolls (historical characters, Truly Me, and Create Your Own), either at the time of purchase or through our Doll Hospital.

American Girl is proud that these and numerous other accessories help a girl create a doll that's as special as she is—and we will continue to create new products in this important area so that every girl can see herself reflected in her doll.