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Connect with others through creativity
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A full plate
Blaire is excited to help plan her family farm’s first wedding! But when event details become too much and she starts spending less time with her best friend, Blaire must learn to balance all that’s on her plate before the bride says, “I do.”
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Blaire book 1
Big ideas get bigger
If Blaire’s community service project for the local food pantry is a success, she and her classmates could earn a special award. But will her ideas make a big difference or be a big disaster?
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Guidance for girls today

Blaire is learning to bring her creative ideas to life, while also finding time for ever-important, real-life relationships.

Staying connected. Sharing a meal, sharing a talent, sharing a story. Spending time together grows relationships, and Blaire teaches girls that real-world interactions are the best kind of social media.

Inspiring creativity. Expressing herself through cooking and decorating not only allows Blaire’s confidence to grow, but it serves as a chance to give joy to others.

Finding balance. Discovering creative inspiration online is exciting, but Blaire must learn to keep a healthy combination of tech time and real time with friends.

Strong characters aren't born, they're made

The first Girl of the Year™ launched in 2001, and every one is meant to represent and celebrate today’s girls. Our goal is to create a friend who is both relatable and inspirational.

Like many girls today, Blaire loves watching cooking shows and spending time with her mom in the kitchen. She looks for inspiration online and saves her favorite decorating and cooking ideas. And like many of us, she’s learning balance between time on a tablet and real-life connections.

As with each previous Girl of the Year, our staff of editors and product designers extensively researched and carefully curated Blaire and her world. Because our goal is to provide an authentic and accurate story for each character, we consulted with outside advisors knowledgeable about the challenges Blaire faces.

Our panel of experts

Megan Moreno, MD, MSEd, MPH
Academic Division Chief at University of Wisconsin
To give a realistic portrayal of Blaire’s growing struggle with the role of technology in her world, we requested input from Dr. Moreno, known for her innovative approaches to promoting adolescent health online.

Amanda Cox, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Health System
Because every single detail needs to be just right, we asked Dr. Cox, who draws on more than a decade of experience related to allergies, to review Blaire’s food-sensitivity storyline.

Lindsey Lusher Shute
Co-Owner, Hearty Roots Community Farm
Farming is an important part of the story, so we sought out Lusher Shute, who resides in the Hudson Valley like Blaire’s family. She says, “Farmers are out to change the country by growing great food, taking care of the soils and water, and daring to compete.”

Bringing connections to the table

American Girl stores are hosting The Blaire Family Dinner series, an opportunity for you and your loved ones to grow closer through food and conversation.

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Blaire Wilson
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