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Learn how we’re taking action

By American Girl Jun. 24, 2020

A story is a powerful tool. It can impart knowledge and understanding. It can spark meaningful conversations. It can be a catalyst for change.

From the beginning, American Girl has created timeless stories that help bridge the past and present. Each demonstrates how strong women and girls can change the course of history—especially during our country’s most troubling times—with courage, compassion, and resilience.

As we stand united with the Black community and in the fight against systemic racism, it is our responsibility to accelerate our progress in writing stories and creating characters that will serve as role models for today’s girls. American Girl was built on a foundation of diversity and inclusion, and we are committed to empowering the next generation of girls who will emerge as leaders who value empathy, equality, and respect.

Listening, learning & discussing

As an initial step to help drive meaningful change, we are creating a platform that sparks powerful dialogue. This fall, watch for "What It Means to Be an American Girl Today," a new series of virtual and in-person discussions that will share diverse perspectives to help foster empathy and understanding. Initial conversations will be led by the Black authors and experts behind several of our powerful characters and stories. The series will also help ensure that we’re actively listening to the views and opinions of our community.

Access & amplification

Starting July 1, we will make all of our stories featuring Black female protagonists available as free downloads from our online library.

American Girl is also committed to publishing more books, including new fiction, non-fiction, and advice guides, that tackle important topics to help advance racial equality and justice.

To continue our commitment to fostering education and literacy, American Girl will donate a minimum of $500,000 in books—featuring Addy, Melody, Kaya, Nanea, Josefina, and Rebecca—to public libraries across the U.S. This donation will ensure more children have access to stories with diverse heroines who persevere during defining moments in our nation’s history.

New & next

Moving forward, American Girl is committed to bringing in more Black voices to our development process, working with consultants, influencers, parents, and girls who can advise us across product, content, and programming. As a result, we will dedicate our resources to developing more diverse doll options, including creating a new contemporary Black character, as well as other contemporary characters of color.

We encourage you to share your perspective and feedback. If there is a specific action you’d like to see from American Girl, please email us at Feedback@americangirl.com. We remain steadfast in our mission to build girls of strong character through inclusive stories, products, and shared experiences.

We look forward to writing the next chapter together.

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