Meet Corinne Tan. Girl of the Year 2022. Brave new trails together

Brave new trails together


Girl of the Year™ 2022: Corinne Tan™

Watch Corinne's live-action movie. Available on prime video.

The mountain is calling

Corinne knows her new puppy, Flurry, will make a great ski patrol rescue dog. But what if Corinne’s the one who needs rescuing?


Corinne™ Doll & Book

Corinne's™ Accessories

Corinne's™ Dog with Backpack

Ombre lenses block out the snow’s glare
Faux-fur trim protects her feet from the cold
Her backpack zips closed for safekeeping
Pockets on each side feature mountain graphics
Rocky mountain dreaming

Even though Corinne’s family life changes, love remains between all of them—especially in the new bedroom she shares with her sister Gwynn.


Corinne™ & Gwynn’s Bedroom set

Corinne’s™ Powder Blue Pajamas

Gwynn’s™ Powder Pink Pajamas

Vanity fireplace plays 6 songs and voices 13 phrases
Features Corinne’s favorites, like baozi and zongzi
Bunk beds give the girls space to spread out
Double the fun—the set flips to a ski hill
Ready for the rink

Figure skating fuels Gwynn’s spirit, and Corinne can’t wait to help her younger sister reach her dream of starring on the ice.


Gwynn’s™ Ice Skating Performance Outfit

Corinne’s™ Ice Skating Accessories

Peak preparation

When it’s time for supplies—either for a mountain ascent or a break by the fire—Corinne can find everything at the ski and snack shop.


Corinne’s™ Ski & Snack Shop

Corinne’s™ Ski Outfit

Corinne’s™ Ski Accessories

Classic ski resort architecture brings the fun to life
So much storage on the shelves and in the fridge
The shop computer features multiple screens
The faux fire pit really crackles and glows

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Meet the 2022 Girl of the Year™! In Corinne Book 1, she’s training a rescue dog named Flurry, and her sister Gwynn™ is hoping to become a figure skating star. Then in Corinne Book 2, she welcomes a baby brother named Blix™. Girls can play out Corinne’s adventures with a whole world of fun, including a bedroom set, pajamas, even a ski lodge.