Girl of the Year

American Girl's contemporary Girl of the Year™ line of 18-inch dolls, books, and accessories for girls age 8 and up is designed to build acceptance and promote a feeling of belonging and inclusion among girls today.

Introduced in 2001, the Girl of the Year line gives voice to a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds through inspiring, relatable characters that give girls confidence, understanding, and a broader worldview towards others. And, with its timely and topical stories that create empathy and instill action, the Girl of the Year line empowers girls to make a difference, whether big or small.

Each Girl of the Year character comes to life through her own special story and 18-inch doll, plus several outfits and accessories that reflect her lifestyle, interests, and activities. In addition to the books and products, the Girl of the Year line offers an array of engaging activities to help girls further explore the character's world, such as online games, videos, and apps, retail events and experiences, live-action movies, and learning guides.

A new Girl of the Year character is introduced annually to ensure that the line remains relevant and reflective of girls' experiences today.

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