She has big ideas and is eager to try earning some money with them—but what’s the best kid gig? It all depends on her. Some ideas will excite her more than others, and that’s a good thing to discover: her enthusiasm will make it easier to work hard and do a better job. So here’s a list of 25 kid business ideas to get the conversation started!

Kids earning money

Chores and odd jobs

  1. Pull weeds
  2. Feed a neighbor’s pet
  3. Help an elderly couple or busy parent with errands
  4. Paint fences
  5. Wrap gifts (holidays, birthdays, etc.)

Mom and Girl doing chores

The dirty work
  1. Clean pet cages or aquariums
  2. Wash cars
  3. Pick up backyard dog doo
  4. Clean up after parties
  5. Organize the neighbors’ garage

Girls talking at camp

Super Skills

  1. Tutor younger kids in your favorite subject
  2. Create a newsletter for a rec program
  3. Take “best friend” pictures for kids at school
  4. Paint other girls’ nails
  5. Decorate cupcakes for parties

Camp counselor

Be a day camp counselor

  1. Organize children’s birthday parties
  2. Be a parent helper for someone with small children
  3. Run a story hour at your house
  4. Care for others’ pets after school (especially if the adults work late)

Girl maker and selling jewelry

Make and sell

  1. Jewelry
  2. Personalized pet food dishes
  3. Hot drinks at the ice rink
  4. Yard signs (like “Thanks for Slowing Down”)
  5. Banners for celebrations

Whatever you and your girl decide, help her do her homework: look around for things and services people want or need, talk to the neighbors, check out the competition, and think about timing. With a little preparation and a lot of creativity, your girl can turn something she loves into her own successful kid biz!

Adapted from A Smart Girls Guide: Money by Nancy Holyoke. ©2018 American Girl.
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